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Golden Jojoba Oil

4 Ounces


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Product Description

Cold pressed from the seeds of the Simondsia chinensis, or Jojoba plant. Structurally and chemically this oil is closest to the human sebum. Because of this, Jojoba oil makes an excellent lubricant and moisturizer for skin and hair application. Non-toxic, non-comedogenic, and non-allergenic, Jojoba oil is readily absorbed into the skin and can be safely used around the delicate eye area. It’s rich mineral, tocopherol and anti-oxidant content promote a healthy, clear complexion while protecting the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals. Jojoba also discourages the growth of bacteria and fungal microbes that attack the skin. Use by itself as a moisturizer for the skin or hair treatment; or as a carrier oil to treat canker sores, athletes feet and warts. 4 oz. Organic.

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